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The Girl

The Girl is the hero of our tale. This is her story, and everyone playing the game contributes to it. In fact, the Girl is unique in the game because she’s the only character that everyone takes turns portraying.

We start the game by asking questions about her and her home life. The first thing we do is pick her name. However, instead of just choosing a randomly from a list, we finish this sentence to decide how she’s called:

If your family has love but no…

  • …curiosity, your name is Kat.
  • …magic, your name is Faye.
  • …money, your name is Penny.
  • …quiet, your name is Serena.
  • …time, your name is Patience.
  • …trust, your name is Faith.

Get a sneak peek at the playbook for the Girl.

The Girl is also unique because she is the only character that can solve problems in an open-ended fashion, and when she does, she gets to create new Beliefs: ideas about how she acts in the world that push against what might normally be expected of her as a young lady.

Get a sneak peek at the Girl’s Manners & Beliefs.

The Girl doesn’t move through wonderland on her own though. Along her journey she picks up strange friends that help her, called her Companions.

Meet the Companions of Girl Underground.